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Time for details!

Time for some detail work like applying decals. See my Repair And Restoration Tips Page for how to properly apply decals. It's not hard so go for it! Of course the "Black" will get trimmed off the full decal as we are building a Red Phantom.

Time for decals!

There you go! Next is the frame. Don't mind the crumbs on my table. Typical! Eat a doughnut, do a decal. Eat a doughnut, do a decal...... It helps make the time go by! ( Just Kidding! )

Do The Tube!

Do the seat post too........

Top and Bottom!

......and don't forget the "Patent" decal.

Clean those threads!

Now, paint gets everywhere. So it helps to tap out any threads that are clogged up. The hole takes a 10-32 screw, so find the proper tap. Much easier than trying to use the screw as you are attaching the chainguard. Less possibility of your screwdriver slipping and scratching all that nice paint you recently did!

Just can't wait!

Sometimes it's fun just to put together the sub-assemblies. Here the rack is ready to go. Confession time. I still haven't taken the parts to the chrome shop. I will in the next couple of days. I promise. Until then, there is still plenty to do!! I have the lower headset cup to install, the bottom bracket cups, cover the seat, etc. So, again, stay tuned!!


A press would come in handy here but a large "C" clamp can be used too. Wood blocks protect the paint. Make sure that bottom cup is lined up with the tab in the head tube. Press in those cups!!

Clean it up!

One trick I learned from having powder coated frames. They say powder coat is durable but I could chip the stuff just by ramming the cups in. So I started taking a file or sand paper and cleaning up some of the excess paint. It helps prevent chipping. Heck, a brake hone would work too! We used paint on this project, so sandpaper will work fine.

Squeeze again!

Then gently squeeze in your cups. A "C" clamp or a vise grip clamp tool will work. Push them in until they bottom out. Eliminate as much of the gap as you can.

Snug as a bug in a rug!

Snug as a bug in a rug! Ready for a crank and chainwheel! There are other methods for getting these in, hammers and such. But I want to take few chances in marring the paint. No flying tools to worry about when you squeeze this stuff in!

Yikes!! I just got back from the chrome shop. They qouted me over $600!!! Now, they are the cheapest and best in town, so I don't argue price with them. But I needed to cut down that price some. I just didn't want to spend that much! Remember, I have two bikes worth, although their really aren't that many parts to do for the second bike. Also, I threw in a few extra. I'll post a complete list with photos when the parts come back. Roughly, the second bike had the crank and chainwheel, stem, fork cap and head set. All the rest was for our project. Crank and chainwheel, hub parts front and rear, headset parts, seat parts, springer parts and anything else I'm not thinking of at the moment. Plus a few extra bolts and stuff I wanted done. I got the price down to $500 or so. I excluded the handlebars, they had already been chromed but not the best job. I excluded the fenders. I wanted to get those done because the front had a decent size scratch in it. I have determined that they are reproductions and I couldn't justify spending the money. They should polish up okay, I'll just ignore that scratch. I also excluded the stem. It had already been chromed but the job wasn't very good and some of the finish was flaking. The stem and handlebars weren't done by my plater. Well, in two weeks we will have some results!! Until then, a little polishing and cleaning can happen.

A lull in the action!

Just waiting for parts. I guess I could be cleaning more bearings and stuff. I do have a little red overspray on my other bikes that I need to address! Oh yeah! I have some seats to recover! The Phantom seat ought to be interesting!

Well, I just did a seat recover. Nope! I didn't do the Phantom seat yet, but the process is similar. Visit the Saddle Restoration Page by clicking on the link. Not hard at all! It will be an easy one for you to tackle!!

My Eyes, My Eyes!!!

Well, here is what $550 will get you! Very shiny stuff!! I love the job that this plater does. Superior Plating in Pomona, California. (909)622-2519 That stuff on the extreme right is for the second bike I am building, less the seat clamp. I just couldn't resist! Also missing are some seat tabs for a Troxel I was recovering.

Good Job

All this stuff inside of the rim I requested done in nickle with no polishing. I'm happy with the way it turned out. Especially the fender braces and kickstand. Okay! Time to start making a rider!!

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