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Complete Headtube.

Bearings are clean, plenty of lube and back together it goes! Ready for another 20 years! Clean cups and nuts really make it shine.


This looks pretty crusty. Nothing we can't clean! Steel wool and WD-40 will shine up that cad plating. WD will also help break up that hard grease on the spring and collar.


Much better now. Not perfect but real good looking!

Clean Spring

As the parts for the sub-assemblies are cleaned, they can be reassembled. This way everything gets cleaned and no parts get lost.

This is bad!

This pin is wasted so it is time to go to the parts drawer to find another. This is pretty typical for this pin to wear out.

Clean Crank

Next the crank and chainwheel get shined up for reinstallation. Same procedure as the headset. Clean, degrease and polish using steel wool, brushes and WD-40.

Back in place.

Once clean, reinstall the assembly. Cleaning and installing the kickstand is easier to do with the crank assembly out of the way.

Dirty Cluster

Now it is time to go after the rear wheel. I think I see rust!!

Ball Bearings

Yup, those ball bearings look a little orange. I don't see any pitting though.

Clean the hub.

A complete disassembly would be best. But why go through all of that if you don't have to. With a little patience, you can clean the wheel without removing spokes and having to relace. Just takes a little more attention to detail. Using a brush between the spokes works. So does reaching in with some polish and a rag.

Blue Magic

Here is the polish I am using on this aluminum rear hub. Really brings the shine out. You could also use it on the chrome surfaces too.

More Brushing

Using a brush around the spokes helps too. Using a brass brush will help insure no scratches. Something that would be a greater possibility with the stainless brushes I have been using on the harder chrome surfaces.

Clean hub / Fresh axle

With the hub clean you can turn your attention to the axle. Degrease it, check the bearing surfaces, check the balls, slap a bunch of new grease in there and reassemble.

The spokes need cleaning!

To clean the spokes, I again use steel wool and a slight amount of WD-40. To get that really shiny look, you would have to replace the spokes. Cad plating tends to be on the dull side but the steel wool shines it up a little bit.

Truing the wheel.

Now is also a good time to true up the wheel. Tighten up those loose spokes. Since this hub has a five speed cluster, one side of the spokes will be flatter than the other ( dished. )

Spoke Protector

Here is why we do a partial disassembly. It would be almost impossible to shine up the back side of the spoke protector while it is attached to the wheel. Now you are sure to have a good looking wheel.

Cluster cluck.

Here is another fun and necessary item to clean and relube. The cluster drive. Again, more orange bearings. But it cleaned up just fine. I used a lighter grease as opposed to the stuff I use in the axles. That way it will ensure that the drive will work properly.

Lookin' Good!

When all the nooks and crannies are cleaned, it makes for a great looking hub!

The otherside.

The aluminum is shined and clean and that spoke protector looks great from the inside.

Simple Green

Here is a real good cleaner concentrate.

A little dab will do ya!

A little on a rag, scrub the cable housing a little and it will look darn near close to new. Find a cleaner that works for you.

Studded Balloons

I had some NOS Studded Balloons and they seemed to be perfect for this project. I figure the white will look good against the black bike. Plus this was standard equipment when these bikes were first sold. You could either get white wall or black wall.


To clean up the reflector, I used the same window cleaner that I use on the chrome. A little scrubbing makes it shine pretty good. The brake handle was polished with Blue Magic. Taking off 20 years of oxidation really makes a difference! Well, on to the next item. There is plenty more to do, enough to keep us busy for a little while.


As you can see, as you finish the various pieces, the bike will start to take shape. Resist the urge to rush it now. You have taken your time so far, so stay on course. You will have plenty of time to ride later.

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