Removing Stuck Necks

One Stuck Neck!!

Here it is! My 1936 Motorbike showed up with a stuck neck.

Fill 'er up!

First thing you want to do is get your favorite penetrating oil and fill up that fender bolt hole. WD-40, Aerokroil and PB Blaster work fine. Let that stuff soak overnight or longer if you have to. Don't get impatient now!!

Add oil here too!

Usually your neck bolt is still in here. Mine happened to be broken off some time ago. Basically you want to carefully loosen that bolt, but don't take it out all the way. Hopefully that lube in the bottom side is making it easier for you. If it breaks, that's okay too. Back out your bolt about an inch or so. Plop a little oil in next to the bolt too. Use your hammer to knock the bolt back down to drive the wedge down.

Whoops!  The bolt is already broken!

If the bolt is already broken, put a "drift", a long thin rod or an old screwdriver will work and drive that wedge down out of the way.

Get a Grip!

Now find something to hold your work. I usually use a vise. Gently chuck the forks in the vise or the neck, your choice. I'm going with the forks here, using some rags to protect the metal.

Do the Twist!

Use a wrench or stick a pipe in the neck and start twisting. Use lots of oil and get that sucker loose. If you decided to chuck the neck into the vise, use a 2x4 or something long and work the forks back and forth. Leverage is key!

Here we go!

Now I have chucked the neck in the vise to use the weight of the frame and fork assembly to my advantage. While pushing down on the frame assembly I am twisting the forks back and forth, working the stem loose. Works great since I don't have anyone to help me.

She Be Free!

And there you go! The only thing I regret is not using a rag when I chucked the neck in the vise. I'm not too worried though, the neck needs rechroming and only the edges got slightly marred. If the forks are saveable, get that old wedge out by tapping from the fender bolt hole. Who knows? Maybe you can save the wedge too!

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