Hubs And Parts For Sale

Morrow Brake Arm

Wartime, blackout Morrow brake arm. $10 shipped.


Morrow Hub

Morrow brake hub. Great shape! $85 shipped.


Centenial Hub

Schwinn Centenial hub with brake strap. $40 shipped.


Axle Kit 9082

Wald #9082, Universal axle kit. Axle is approximately 5/16"x5 1/2". Includes one axle, 2 nuts and 2 washers $8 ea. shipped. I have 12 sets of these.


Axle Kit 188

Wald #188 Front Axle Kit. Labeled for Excel, Mark 80 front hubs. Comes with axle, 2 cones, 2 bearings and 2 nuts. $8 ea. shipped. I have 3 sets of these.


Axle Kit 175

Wald #175 Front axle kit for En-Lite, Ross, Union 742 and Weco 481-2. $8 shipped.


Axle Kit 267

Wald #267 Front axle kit for Bendix and New Departure WL fronthubs. $8 shipped.


Bendix CT Hub

Bendix 76 "Mexico" 12 gauge Cycletruck hub. Looks like a good hub, just needs cleaning up. $45 shipped.


New Departure Hub

New Departure, 24 hole hub. Needs plating. Great for that early postwar 24" ballooner project. $25 shipped.


Script Hub

Schwinn Script hub. 36 hole. Replatable conditon. $15 ea. shipped. I have 5 ea. of these.

N.D. WD hub

New Departure WD front hub. 36 hole. Replatable. $15 shipped.

Rollfast 27

Rollfast #27 bearings. 6 in each box. NOS. $10 each box shipped. I have 2 boxes.


Rollfast 52

Rollfast #52 bearings. 2 in the box. NOS. $5 shipped.


Schwinn 50159

Schwinn NOS box of bearings, 10 in the box. #50159 $15 shipped.


Rollfast 30

Rollfast #30 bearings. NOS. 4 in the box. Box is missing top flap. $7 shipped.


Bendix Clutch

Bendix Clutch #BB-759. NOS. Box not included. $20 ea. shipped. I have 5 ea. of these.

Bendix Driver

Bendix driver. NOS. #BB702. Box not included. $20 ea. shipped. I have 2 ea. of these.

Hawthorne Brake Arm

Hawthorne brake hub arm. Needs replating. $5 shipped.


Bendix 2speed

Bendix manual 2 speed. Hub and arm need replating. It does come with a good shifter, cable and transmission. $85 shipped.


High Flange Hub

High flange script hub. Large gauge holes. For a Cycletruck?? Needs replating. $100 shipped.


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