So That Horn Won't Honk


So you press that button and just hear a slight "click"!

First step is to make sure all of your battery contacts and wire contacts are clean. Use a fine abrasive to clean them like steel wool or a really fine sandpaper. Make sure you get those button contacts too! Now, back in with the fresh batteries!

For the moment, don't worry whether the button is operational or not. We will bypass it so we can concentrate on the horn itself. You can do this by using a screwdriver, wire or other metal object to "jump" the horn contacts. Also, don't worry about getting a shock. We are only working with 3 volts max and a minimal amount of amps!

If you heard a "click" when you first tried to use your horn, that is a good sign. That means the windings are still good. If you didn't hear anything, you still might have a chance. On the back of your horn, loosen the lock nut on the screw.

Now, while either jumping your button terminals or pushing the button, adjust your screw. First in one direction, one turn or in the other direction, one turn. One way or another you will start to hear a tone. Keep turning your screw until you hear a good strong tone.

Now that people are screaming at you to "knock off that noise!", it might be a good time to hold that screw with a screwdriver while you tighten the adjusting nut. Give it a couple more "toots" to make sure that it sounds right. If not, readjust the screw again.

Now hook everthing back up the way it goes. If you have an intermittent honk, but it sounds fine when you jump the contacts on the back of the button, then maybe it is time for a new button. That's about it in a nutshell!

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