Let's Get Those Grips Off!

Got some grips that just won't come off? I'll show you two of many methods on how to remove those pesky grips! Many of those other ways involve a chemical of one kind or another. My two methods are chemical free!

The first method requires an air compressor. Don't worry, I'll show you what to do if you don't have access to an air compressor. On one end of your handlebar, press an air nozzle into the hole of the grip.

Place your thumb over the hole in the opposite grip. Give that nozzle a good blast. One or the other grip should pop right off. If it doesn't give it a few more blasts until one does.

Now place the nozzle on the remaining grip. Plug the open hole on your handlebar and give a blast or two. The remaining grip should pop right off. I haven't had this way fail yet, even on some really stuck grips!

Now, if you don't have a compressor, here is a common way to get your grips off. Take a 7/8" wrench, which should fit right over your handlebars. If it doesn't, find a wrench that fits snugly over the tube. Take a hammer and whack the backside of the wrench. Eventually the grip will come off, no water or chemical damage to any of the components!

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