Cycletruck Parts For Sale!

S2 Frame

1963 Cycletruck frame. This frame has the brazed nut on top for the support that supports the large S2 basket. Huh?? Looks like it has had some brazing work done at the top of the seat tube and at the bottom bracket. A good job was done so paint it and go for a ride! Currently in grey primer. $125 shipped.


CT Stem

Aftermarket Cycletruck stem. $25 shipped.


Cycletruck Chainguard

Mid-sixties Cycletruck chainguard. Won't need much to straighten it. Any dents are pretty minor. $35 shipped.


Postwar Stand

Postwar Cycletruck stand. Used and abused, but it will still hold up your bike!! $55 shipped.


Cycletruck Handlebars

Ooooh! These handlebars are nice. Use as is or rechrome them. I wouldn't!! $75 shipped.


Cycletruck Prewar Stand

Reproduction stand and it was done nicely. Brand new and ready to go!! $110 shipped.


Cycletruck Front Wheel

Cycletruck front wheel. Double knurl hoop has been rechromed. New spokes with long nipples. I have a non-knock out guts to go with it. $110 shipped.


Cycletruck Bobbed Fender

Cycletruck front fender. Ducktail has been bobbed. Great shape otherwise. $45 shipped.


More Coming Soon

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